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I want to help my sales and marketing teams streamline leads, nurture intelligently and close deals effectively

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Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing each bring a host of essential tools to help you bring in the right leads, nurture them with care and close deals more efficiently than ever before.

Connect your sales and marketing team to guide customers through the sales cycle from casual web browser to customer win. Your business will grow bigger, better and more effectively than ever.

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Gather insights from unified customer relationship data from email clicks to asset downloads and calls with the sales team.

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Collaborate in real time to show prospects you care with communications tailor made for them.

Simplify the sales cycle with built-in automation tools and use the power of AI to make informed predictions about customer intent.

Dynamics 365 Sales:
No more missed opportunities

We all know sales pros are all about closing deals. But did you know, LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2022 report found UK sellers spend less than 30% of their day actually selling!

Dynamics 365 Sales puts the information you need in one place, so it’s right there in front of you when you need it. Connect your customer data with other Microsoft systems like Power BI or third-party tools for a truly connected prospect profile. Connect with prospects and build lasting relationships, for customers that stay, spend and advocate for your business.

365 Sales brings it all together helping you to prioritise leads, track progress and collaborate with colleagues for increased agility and a pitch that wins every time.

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Spend less time updating your CRM and more time selling, with automatic call and email logging.

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See what’s working and what’s not to create individual seller and upstream management visibility. Build accurate forecasts and manage your pipeline with confidence and innovate your sales strategy quickly.

Leverage built-in AI to guide what actions to take next and which opportunities to chase first so you can close more, faster.

Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing Managed Service

Get expert support to keep your world growing smoothly

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Dynamics 365 Marketing: Show them you know them

Whether they like to admit it or not, sales relies on marketing to bring in those all-important leads. But what if those leads aren’t so qualified after all?

Convert low-intent users browsing the web into brand-loyal customers with marketing automation that saves you time. Create an unforgettable brand presence across channels and build a funnel that flows seamlessly into your sales pipeline, for a true connected sales and marketing engine.

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to deliver customised user experiences with intelligent feedback to fine tune your campaigns so they’re more effective than ever.

Show prospects you know them, with communications built just for them. Segment your audience by interest or position in funnel for targeted messaging that truly speaks to people. Deliver automated workflows that take the leg work out of answering their questions and managing their pain points. Deliver engagement journeys triggered by custom interactions, so you can warm up leads and produce predictable conversion rates.

Your marketing team will be an unstoppable lead-gen engine.

Your goals, guided by Microsoft Catalyst

To make your goals in Dynamics a success, we follow the Microsoft Catalyst framework for a smooth delivery that ticks all the boxes.
The Microsoft Catalyst Framework is designed to simplify your digital transformation goals into a simple, actionable roadmap. We’ll work in partnership with you to build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with this proven, innovative approach crafted by Microsoft.
See what the Catalyst Framework can do
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Sales in a Day Workshop

I want to support my sales and marketing teams better so we can sell more effectively

Spend a day 1:1 with our experts to create an early Sales prototype with the power of Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing.

In this workshop, we’ll work with you to create a prototype solution in a pre-production environment that uses AI to analyse customer interactions, sales and marketing data to target opportunities and recommend the best next steps to help you close faster. By the end you’ll have a solution that solves your challenges and sets your team up for more effective digital selling and marketing.

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Three Ways Sales and Marketing Alignment Reduces Costs

Learn how aligning sales and marketing to an integrated system that shares data and insights can build a more accurate buyer profile and reduce your costs through:

  • Reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Aligning reporting to cut unnecessary expenses.
  • Automating administrative work and reducing overhead.
  • Providing consistent and seamless transitions during the buyer journey.

You’ll also discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helped one customer improve their ROI by 180% in one year.

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Three Ways Sales and Marketing Alignment | Download